Yoga and Meditation to End Gun Violence

Yoga Academy works with people in jails and at-risk youth. Our program incorporates yoga, meditation and journaling.

Underneath anger is a broken heart.

Yoga Academy leads workshops and programs to help at-risk youth and offenders  to practice with sincerity and respect for a long period of time without any interruption.

We teach the secrets to success in yoga

Your practice will bear fruit when it encompasses three secrets to success in yoga.

First, you have to practice for a long period of time; second, your practice must not be interrupted—you must do it regularly; and third, you must do your practice with love and respect.

They say that practice makes you perfect. But practice simply makes you a practitioner. It is perfect practice that makes you perfect.

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If you want to reach real peace in this world, we should start by educating the children.

-Mahatma Gandhi